Catherine Mitson

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step

Lao Tzu
Attachment-based psychotherapy has at its core an understanding of the importance of relationships to human growth and development throughout life. Secure and supportive relationships enable us to develop a sense of who we are. When we feel alone, or relationships go wrong in childhood or adulthood, our ability to manage our lives may be disrupted or even thrown into crisis.

Psychotherapy is a cooperative venture between psychotherapist and client/patient. Secure boundaries and confidentiality provide a safe setting that can enable you to share experiences and feelings that you may not have been able to talk about before. Long term healing of distress, anxiety or depression involves getting in touch with the underlying experiences and emotions to promote creative change in your life.

Our growing attachment relationship will give you the opportunity to mourn past losses and to explore the impact of important relationships on your life - both current and past.